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Elementary School Ideas

I have gathered what I lovingly call "My Bag of Tricks" at Mt. View Elementary School in Ely Nevada. There are other elementary schools in the county, but I haven't taught there yet. The ladies and now men at the school are a great bunch. They have fund raisers every year through the PTO. One year they raised enough to start our 911 system. It is now working wonders and has saved lives along with the Jaws of Life they earned another year.

The ideas I have are on a WIDE range of subjects from Rewards to Social Studies. I am going to try to have at least a little about everything. Click on the topic you would like to view. I am going to try to keep each topic or section down to 3 pages or less so you will not have to print out nine pages to get the one you want. Well, here it goes.

Assorted Topics


Inexpensive Rewards

Creative Thinking Ideas

Rules and Punishments

Posters, schedules and charts

Hints and Helps



Study Aids



Class Helpers

Special Areas

Educational Games and Rules

Long Range Goals

Lesson Areas

Language Arts and Reading




Social Studies


If you have any topic that you think should be mentioned, please e-mail me and let me know.

Updated 6/7/98

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