Assorted science topics that can be used in and developed in almost any grade are:

Plants, the human body, animals, the sea, storms, volcanos, food groups, plants, rocks, clouds, forests, glaciers(ice), deserts, stars, planets, astronauts,, Earth(inside and outside), machines, dinosaurs, sound and vibrations, chemical reactions(vinegar and baking soda), reading labels(may also be used fro language arts), computers, constelations, muscels, temperatures, graphing(may also be used in math - art puzzles).

Schedule an entire month around a theme. Then plan out the individual weeks. Use this to plan out the individual days.


Monthly Theme: Plants
Week #1: How plants grow and what they do.
Week #2: Parts of plants
Week #3: Flowers and trees
Week #4: Edible plants
Week #1: How Plants grow and what they do.
Monday: The sun
Tuesday: Water
Wednesday: absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen
Thursday: Supplies needed to grow plants
Friday: Planting a garden
Week #2: Parts of a Plant
Monday: Roots
Tuesday: Stems, branches or trunks
Wednesday: Leaves
Thursday: Blossoms or fruit
Friday: Leaf rubbings
Week #3: Flowers and trees
Monday: Garden Flowers
Tuesday: Tropical Flowers
Wednesday: Trees(local)
Thursday: Trees(in other states)
Friday: Flowering trees and bushes

Week #4: Edible Plants
Monday: Grown above ground(green beans, peas)
Tuesday: Grown on the ground(strawberries, pumpkin)
Wednesday: Grown below ground(potatoes, carrots)
Thursday: Grown in trees(apples, oranges, avocados, lemons)
Friday: Tasting table of edible plants

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