As you get in line to go places,

have each child give a different

response to these statements:

Name something that is red(or any color).

Name something that is round(or any shape).

Name a number that no one else has named.

Name something that is huge(or any size).

Name something you don't like to eat(or do).

Name something you can do with your feet(or hands).

Name something you like to do after school

(or don't like to do).

Name something that flies(or walks or runs).

Name a character in a book (or story, TV show, movie).

Name a math problem that has 8 for an answer

(or any other number).

Name a word that begins with b (or any letter,

blend, digraph).

Name a word that ends with g (or any letter, blend,

digraph, or ending).

Name a compound word(or contraction,

two-syllable, etc.).

Tell your phone number (or address, full name,

parents' names, grandparents' names).

Name something living (or nonliving).

Name a bird(or animal, fish, mammal, pet).

Name a piece of clothing (or furniture).

Name a means of land transportation

(or air, space, water).

Name a vegetable(or fruit, meat, dairy product).

Name a game.

Name something made of wood(or glass,

plastic, material).

Post this near the door or on your desk.

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