Long Term Goals

From 1st to 5th grade, the children are to read at home every night. Sometimes they are to read a story in their reading book(1st grade) or they are to read for a certain length of time out of a book of their choosing. Send home a slip of paper for parents to fill out saying the name of the story read, or the length of time spent reading(10 minutes minimum - 30 minutes max.) Have it dated, signed by parents and returned the next day. Keep total on a chart the length of time read. Also chart if the slip was returned( a sticker a day on chart). As children reach certain levels, give out rewards. 1st graders may have a paper in their desk with 30 circles on it. Every day they read, they get a circle stamped. When all 30 are stamped, they receive a reward, or when the chart gets to a certain level they get a reward.

Turning in home work every morning can be a long term goal. Stickers and rewards may be given.

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