Hints and Helps

An alphabet in the room with the letters in block or scriptform according to the grade needs to be located above the main chalkboard in the front.

Always keep a current seating list for the classroom. As you change the arrangement, amke a new list or chart.

Have a typed up copy of the class role for subs when needed.

Snack time is according to the class. Sometimes classes have snack time and others do not. The time is usually before, during, or after the 10 am recess.

The children should be walked over to certain things. You should be there when they get out to walk back to the classroom with them. This way they do not stray, cause a commotion in the halls and are safe with a teacher. The areas may be: P.E., Art, Music, Library, etc...

A case can be created for flannel board stories: Use a large flat suitcase type container.(size usd for blue prints or art work). Cover outside on one side with flannel(lid preferably). On the inside keep dowels to help keep the case propped open. Carry stories and cutouts inside.

Place a small pocket(taped) to top of each child's desk to place lunch ticket in.

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