Language Arts

Topics that can be used in and developed in almost and grade are:

Letter writing: structure, types of letters, uses for letters, writing to a company, pen pal or another school or relative.
Poetry: what is poetry? Different types of poetry, how to write a poem.
Writing books: writing a story, correcting any mistakes, illustrating a book or story, printing or binding a book, deciding on a topic or title.
Legends: Legends from other peoples or countries, what is a legend? How legends change, writing a legend.
Labels: may also be used in science or reading, creating a label, what is a label?
Limericks: what is a limerick? How are they written, creating your own.
Jokes and riddles: What is a joke? What is a riddle? What is the difference between the two. Jokes and riddles from other countries, ones that are more difficult. How to write one.
Word search puzzles: these can also be used for a specific subject. Creating your own.
Dictionary usage: Parts of a dictionary, how to use guide words, how to use a dictionary.
Reading signs, sign language, filling out forms, making words from a word, making out a schedule, writing a story or poem for a poster, what are folk tales and how did they get started, What are fairy tales and were they true at one time.
Reading slips to be sent home every day. May be plain or in a shape.
In 1st grade, the children take turns reading the weekly story to the teacher or an aid. When done they receive a sticker reward from a sticker jar. This is done once a week with all the children. The other children have an activity book to work on and color in(may be for a holiday or season).

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