Cut stickers apart for individual awards and rewards. Place in clear container for the child to pick out of.

the reward system is great. Children learn that if they try hard, they will be rewarded. It's also called incentive. Working toward a goal. This is in preparation for adult life where hard work may be rewarded by a pay raise, better job, etc...

Suggestions for rewards:

Stickers, erasers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, small inexpensive toys, extra play time or recess.
Bring an appropriate movie from home or select from teacher's supply( for filling out a reading chart-long term). Coupons from McDonald's etc...
Gifts donated by businesses or teacher made. Pizza Party, etc...
Listen to a tape with headphones on. A card or certificate may be turned in for an "A" on a paper or a test. Certificates of Recognition.
Badges, Fossils, Mugs or cups, Art supplies: colored pencils, crayons, markers, drawing paper, stationary.
Inexpensive pocket games or card games(hearts, old maid, fish, etc...)
Items sold as party favors. Regular yellow pencils decorated special-(eyes, fake fur, etc...)

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