Special Areas

It helps to have separate areas in the classroom. These can be book cases, cabinets, colorful boxes, lockers, baskets, etc...

Paper supply area:

To hold different types of papers used in the classroom. Regular lined, long thin for spelling list and test, lined paper with blank area on top for drawing(great for illustrating a story), blank white or cream colored paper for drawing, construction paper, tissue paper. Also keep a scrap paper box. They can be used for collages etc...

Art supply area:

this could be a table or counter. It uses cans, buckets, bowls, milk cartons(each color in a separate container), colored pencils, clay in reclosable bags, etc...

Reading area:

This area could be simple or elaborate. There should be a bookcase or shelves with many book displayed appropriate for the class and age. The teacher's name should be written on each book in marker so as not to be mixed up with personal or library books. This is the basic of the reading area needs. To make it more appealing you can have a rug nearby, and large throw pillows or cushions to recline on while they are reading. There can even be a couch or chair. Turns can be taken each day as to who will sit in them, otherwise there may be arguments as to who sits on the couch today. Puzzles or games may be done quietly in this area also.

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