Art projects can be done separately in the classroom. It can be done as a separate subject or can be incorporated as part of another subject.

Leaf Rubbings, Torn paper or tissue paper flowers, collages make from seeds, etc...

Use any medium you can find to create art. The more off the wall the better. The kids will love it. The creativity will be worth it.

Some art projects can be centered toward a special holiday or event. The following are ideas that can be given by the child as a gift.

Father's Day key chain holder:

Lay 4 popsicle sticks flat, side by side, and glue together. Glue 2 more sticks on top, crossing them at top, and placing a small bow, or pine cone, or other decorative item at the crossing point. Use alphabet noodles or paint, put a message on the two top sticks. Glue a hook to the bottom of the holder.

Paperweight: Mix equal parts plaster of Paris and water, pour into a small plastic tub. Paperweight will set in a couple of hours. When hard, gently slip out. Paint with acrylic paint. Using rough sides as bottom, cut felt to size and glue. Decorate top with seashells, flowers, rocks or stickers.

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